This book provides a series of original piano exercises specifically designed for developing hand strength and endurance. This special training is based on an ergonomic view of the position of the hand on the keys. It is conceived as an alternative piano ‘workout’ and is designed for intermediate/advanced piano students, professional pianists and keyboardists who wish to improve their technique in all musical genres. Ergonomic hand movement is anatomically focused on spontaneous and natural configurations of hand position and finger articulation on the keyboard, without reference to music language or style. Though they are labelled numerically, the exercises are not necessarily in order of increasing difficulty. Thus, they may be practiced in any order, according to one's personal taste or specific goals. Tempo and dynamics have been intentionally omitted from all exercises. However, results are more effective when the exercises are practiced loudly and quickly, as they focus on building muscular strength and endurance of the hand and fingers, along with the wrist and forearm.

Read the interview about the book (in Spanish), 
published in "Campus Cultural", educational magazine
by Tecnológico de Monterrey, México

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